Review: The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting & Running a Business

The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business: Turn Your Ideas into Money!

by Steve Mariotti

As a teenager, I remember reading business books directed toward my age group. I felt that they were too simplified and regurgitated the same information. The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business: Turn Your Ideas into Money! by Steve Mariotti was the text that I was looking for as a teenager.

This book fills the gap between brightly colored, simplistic text aimed towards young people and dry, complicated resources meant for adults. The text is bursting with information and is complex without being overwhelming. You do not need a business degree to understand the information presented. It is great overview of running a business for people who have a solid idea or just have the entrepreneurial spirit without a concrete idea. Mariotti walks you through the different aspects of starting and running a business, using a real young people as examples. I particularly enjoyed when the featured young people spoke about the set backs they had in their endeavors. This gave a more realistic picture of running a business. I would highly recommend this text as a tool for any person or any age with little experience determined to start their own business.

Stars: 5/5

Planning Activities for 2015

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My favorite reference book in the library is Chase’s Calendar of Events.  It lists a variety events from all over world. There are also birthdays of notable figures in history, dates of famous  (and not so famous) first listed in this massive tome. I use this to help me plan upcoming events. While I love using the book, the best resource for planning programs happen to be teens. I hope you will join us for the last two TAB Meetings of 2014: November 10 & December 8.

New Books – 10/24/14

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New YA Fiction & Non-Fiction

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New Non-Fiction: Up For Sale  is about human trafficking and modern slavery. Taking Flight  is an uplifting autobiography of Michaela De Prince. You can read about her journey from being an orphan in a war torn country to a becoming a ballerina.

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2014-10-22 14.02.49

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We have added the latest volume of Naruto  and replaced volumes 29-31 with new copies.

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You can find the latest YA Fiction on this table by the SciFi/Fantasy shelf.