Splice Yourself!

If you didn’t know, IVPL will hosting a Zoom session with author, Jon McGoran. We will be discussing the first book in the Spliced trilogy. On his website, you will find a cool feature that will let you splice yourself in an animal.

He has created a brief video how to use it:

After you finish experimenting, tell me your favorite splice.

Hamilton @ Home

Are you ready to to watch Hamilton on Disney+ on July 3rd? I am!

Not ready to take on Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow?

Try this biography on Hoopla:

Have you read the Alex and Eliza Trilogy by Melissa De La Cruz?

Don’t worry, they are available on Axis360.

Feeling young, scrappy, and hungry?

Why don’t you make-


Aaron Burr-gers or Aaron Burr-itos

Angel-ica Cake

Cherries (Think George Washington and the cherry tree myth. I couldn’t come up with a clever name.)