Wild About Wildlife & Our Home

Wild About Wildlife

Saturday, September 7, 10 am – 5 pm

Why haven’t you seen as many monarch butterflies as you used to?  

Are you afraid of bats?   Did you know that frogs take in air through their skin?

What species are endangered and why?

Come to the library to enjoy workshops and displays on these topics — and more.

For families, adults, and kids of all ages.

Workshops (feel free to attend as many as you like):

10:00 am    Philadelphia Zoo — amphibians

10:30 am    Bucks County Audubon Society (Diane Smith)

11:00 am    Lenape Nation (Barbara “Blue Jay”) and Lenape Culture in Stone & Wood (Anna Maria Caldara)

12:00 pm    Native Plants and Gardening (Marc Radell from Penn State)

12:30 pm    Endangered species of PA (Bob Berghair)

1:00 pm      Marvelous Monarchs (Dave & Audrey Harding) with butterfly release at 1:30

1:30 pm      Peace Valley Nature Center (Gail Hill) – what a nature center is all about

2:00 pm      Heritage Conservancy:  Bats!   (Sandra Yerger)

2:30 pm     Upper Bucks SPCA (Melissa Frank)

3:00 pm     Pennsylvania SPCA (Susan Underkoffler)

3:30 pm      Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources (Officer Andrew Rohrbaugh)

4:00 pm      Montgomery County Bee Keepers (Harold Jenkins & Horace Thomas)

4:15 pm      Gems and Minerals (Merrill Dickinson)


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