What’s your reading resolution?

Have you decided what your reading resolution will be for this year?

Here are a few ways for setting your goal:

 Book Count

This seems to be the most common method of setting reading goals. You come up with a number of how many books you want to read. After you goal is set, you just read while keeping track of the books that you have completed. Last year, I set a goal based on the number of books and audiobooks that I could finish. I used an account on Goodreads to set a goal and track my progress.

Branching Out 

Unfortunately, I did not meet my goal for 2013 but I am proud of the reading that I achieved. This year, I want to break out of my reading rut and choose books that are not within the genres I normally read. In 2013, I read non-fiction books and books located in the adult fiction room. I usually read YA science fiction and I enjoyed reading outside of my comfort zone. In 2014, I will try to get a few westerns and romance novels in addition to poetry in the mix.

 Page Count

If you are determined to keep track of numbers, you can try counting the pages instead of the books. Last year, I avoided reading George R.R. Martin’s epic series Song of Fire and Ice  because of its length. I would be able to finish several other books in the time it would take me to get through half of the first novel. Counting pages instead leaves you open to massive novels with great stories. 

Time Keeper 

You can set your reading goal by giving your self a designated amount of time that you want to read each day/week/month.

The most important goal is to read, so you shouldn’t get caught up on the numbers. Don’t stress if you don’t complete the challenge. It will help you make a better decision next year when it comes to setting your reading goal.


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