New Books 1/15/2014



Let’s start with the new non-fiction books. We have added Minecraft for Dummies as requested. Joel Levy’s Why?   is a book that answers your science related questions. If you create your own game using Invent Your Own Games Using Python, I would love to play!



Major Crush and The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols are light-hearted romance.



Take a journey back with these tales of medieval mystical mischief.


Season of the Witch  was reviewed and recommended by one of the members of the Advanced Readers Copies (ARC) Book Club.

What You Wish is a collection of writing by popular authors about Darfur.  Authors include R.L. Stine, John Green, Meg Cabot and many more.

Laurie Halse Anderson will be visiting our area on Thursday (1/16) to promote her new book The Impossible Knife of  Memory. Click here for more information to attend this event.


If you are looking for the new fiction that we have posted, we are displaying at the end of the YA SciFi/Fantasy bookshelf. Stop by and check it out!


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