TTW14: Music CDs @ Your Library

Every day during Teen Tech Week (TTW), I will post about a non-print resource that we have available at IVPL.

The library is known as a place to get books, but we have so much more.

In honor of March 11th or 311 day, let’s talk about all of the music that is available at the library.

We have CDs in the Children’s Room. You will find soundtracks from your favorite Disney classics (Aladdin) or the Rockabye baby! series.  While you still will get some music from Disney in this room, it is more along the lines of the television shows and movies. You will find soundtracks to Hunger Games or Glee.

Now the rest of the music collection is divided into different genres: pop, hip-hop/rap, compilation, world, bluegrass, etc. We have lots of classics but there we are adding all of new CDs and artists every month.

You can check out CDs for 3 weeks for free!

P.S. If there is movie/television show you would like me to add to the collection, feel free e-mail me at or stop by my desk in the Children’s Room.


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