Shredded Books & Radical Readers

2014-07-03 17.40.34

Shredded Book Contest

July 14-20

Sometimes books are returned to the library and they are not in a circulation condition. Some books fall apart from being used by many people, others are dropped in water or mangled by a pet. Normally, we recycle these books, but this week we are going to shred it for our shredded book contest.

2014-07-03 17.51.44

I got a little carried away during the process. Don’t worry! I cleaned up after myself.

Stop by the library July 14 to 20 to guess the title of the book in the jar. If you guess the series, you will receive one ticket for the weekly drawing. If you guess the exact title of the book in the series, you will receive three tickets and a book sale buck.  Stop by the reference desk to submit your answer.


Radical Readers


Clockwork  by Phillip Pullman 

July 16 @ 2 pm

Next week will  be a little different than the rest of the summer. Science in the Summer will be taking place and the Community Room will occupied Monday through Thursday. We are  not going to have our Monday Movie.

We will be having a meeting of the Radical Readers Book Club. We will be discussing Clockwork by Phillip Pullman in the PA Room. We will be meeting on Wednesday, July 16 at 2 pm. Pick up Clockwork today! It is a quick read, 107 pages, depending on the edition your check out of the library. It is great activity if you have a sibling in Science in the Summer and you need something to occupy your time.





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