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Middle School Mondays: Tongue Twister Contest

Middle School Mondays:

Tongue Twister Contest

Monday,  September 10 at  4 pm

Students in grades 6-8 are invited to join us for some after-school fun. There will be different rounds of the competition. We will be crafting our own tongue twisters and challenging each other. Prizes will be awarded in the different rounds. 


Teen Advisory Group

Are you interested in starting the Teen Advisory Group again?  Fill out this survey to help me pick a day and time that works for you.

Benefits of being a member of the Teen Advisory Group (TAG):

  • Earn volunteer hours
  • Meet new people or catch up with old friends
  • Library staff member can be used as a reference for a job, scholarship or college application
  • Active participants will be invited to an exclusive event

Members of the Teen Advisory Group will have to:

  • Fill out a volunteer application, if you don’t have one on file
  • Regularly attend monthly meetings and notify teen librarian of absence
  • Be an active participant by sharing ideas and interacting with each other
  • Act as a library ambassador
  • Write one book review for the IVPLTeen Blog
  • Help plan, advertise and execute events at IVPL