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Write A Review

  • Please, include the title and author of the book at the top
  • Write a couple of sentences describing what the book without spoilers. Write  several sentences giving your opinion of the book – what you liked or didn’t like about the book.
  • Email me the review to in the body of an email or you can fill out this form.

Material Suggestions

  • Before submitting a purchase suggestion, please check the catalog to verify we don’t own the item.
  • Please include: Title, Author/Performer & Format (Book, DVD etc).
  • Submitting this form does not guarantee that we will purchase the item.
  • Check the catalog periodically because we will not be able to inform you if the requested item has been purchased.
  • If the item is a popular works and bestsellers, you don’t need to submit a request. Please check the catalog periodically or call us to place a hold.
  • Email me the suggestion to in the body of an email.

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